Questions often asked

What is an Informational for?
An Informational, simply put, is merely to get information; information on that particular organization and the chapter's activities. Going to an informational does not necessarily mean that you are interested in being a member of that organization. Expressing interest is something that is done on a one-to-one basis with a brother in the Fraternity. When expressing interest, it should be treated as business.

How do I go about becoming an Alpha if there is no chapter at my school?
You cannot join the Fraternity at a school with an active chapter unless you are enrolled there as a degree-seeking student. There is no such thing in Alpha as "cross-pledging". Your school must be included in the chapter's charter in order for you to qualify to become a member through that particular undergraduate chapter.

Can you join an undergraduate chapter if you are still at that school pursuing a graduate degree?
No. Once you have received a bachelors degree (or met all requirements for one), you no longer qualify for undergraduate membership.

How much are dues? What does the membership intake process consist of? How long does it take?
For this information, you would have to speak to a brother.

How do I let the Alphas on my campus/in my community know that I am interested without being overbearing?
If you know an Alpha and feel comfortable with him, then simply express your interest in the most respectful and business like manner you can. If you do not know an Alpha yet, start by attending programs and events. Keep in mind, you don't necessarily need to be friends with an Alpha to let him know your intent, but effort should be made on your part and his to extend fellowship. Interested men should seek acquaintance and fellowship in a professional manner. It is fine to be assertive without being overbearing. It is best to ask the Brother with whom you are interacting how he perceives your interaction for honest feedback. Generally, brothers appreciate an interested gentleman's courage and excite.

If there's an Alpha you'd really like to get to know better, ask for his email address or phone number even. Possibly ask him to meet you somewhere in an informal setting, like meeting for lunch or something of that nature. Making it clear when you extend the invitation that you'd like to get to know him better AND find out about Alpha. Then use that time to tell him how you feel about the Fraternity, and what your intentions are. Ask him about his involvement in Alpha and if there are upcoming activities that you can help with or participate in. In your zeal to be an Alpha, please remember not to be too overbearing.

Just because you meet the minimum requirements for membership (GPA, public service, recommendations, etc.) doesn't mean you'll be selected. Before an Alpha can invite you into his family, he must know you. Know you well enough that he is willing to say, "I want this man to be my Brother."


Questions to Ask yourself

Why do you want to join a Fraternity?
We can not tell you what your answer should be, since each person will have his own reasons.

What do you bring to the organization and what kind of public service have you done on your own?
Alpha Phi Alpha, for instance, is a public service fraternity. You'll find Alphas active in UNCF, NAACP, National Urban League, Habitat for Humanity, Boy Scouts of America, and a host of other organizations. As a matter fact, if you're interested in an organization, the best way to get to know its members is for you to get active in some of the other organizations that they are active in. No, there is no minimum amount of public service that will qualify you for membership.

What do you know about the Fraternity?
Do your research!! Why would you want to be a part of an organization you know little or nothing about? A good resource on Black Greek Lettered Organizations is The Divine Nine: The History of African American Fraternities and Sororities, a book written by Brother Lawrence C. Ross, Jr. and published in 2000.


Please remember, your interest in a fraternal organization is your business and your business only. Discretion is a key factor of membership. Brothers are trusted with many things and a lot of information. A gentleman that cannot keep his intentions and business dealings with
Brothers to himself, needs to adjust the means by which he is trying to become
a brother of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.